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  • Alicia Frosini

Salvia ('To Heal')

White Sage - Salvia Apiana (find on our home page under the menu for More)

White Sage is a symbol of purity and cleanliness, and is used for ceremonial purposes. It is typically burned as loose leaf or in a bundle. The smoke is used to clear negative thoughts and bad energy. Things to smudge:

~ Rooms such as Work Spaces and Healing Spaces

~ Crystals

~ Tools

~ People

White Sage
Smudge Bundles

Garden Sage - Salvia Officianalis (find on our home page under the menu for Spice Blends)

Used as a tea helps mood and memory, and is also used by lactating mothers to dry up their milk. Dried leaves are used medicinally as a throat gargle. Used as a culinary seasoning pairs well with poultry, fish, various meats including veal and venison.

Garden Sage

Juniper Berry - Juniperus Communis (find on our home page under the menu for Herbs)

Burning juniper berries helps prevent the spread of infection and the essential oil of juniper berries is helpful with mental clarity.

Juniper berries bulk
Juniper berries burning

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