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ABOUT Sugar Loaf Mountain Herbs


Meet AliCIA + Gene


Alicia and Gene Frosini moved to Sugar Loaf, NY

25 years ago after making the decision to continue their wholesale nursery and greenhouse business in the same community where they would raise their family. They grew their business growing herbs and specialty flowers, and raised two beautiful daughters on a 200-year-old homestead nestled beneath Sugar Loaf mountain.    


Sugar Loaf Mountain Herbs was born 15 years ago out of Alicia’s love of using herbs as medicine, in cooking, for skincare, and in floral arrangements. The shop  was opened in the hamlet of Sugar Loaf combining the sale of fresh potted herbs (in season), dried florals, herbal remedies, herbal tea blends, as well as bulk herbs and spices. Alicia also continued to educate the public with free seminars in the winter months, and through classes held throughout the year.


On January 1st, 2020, the Frosinis closed the Kings Highway location and launched an online business, enabling them to continue  making teas, herbals, lotions, herbal remedies, and essential oils available to their customers. They continue with their wholesale business,

  their garden,as well as  enjoying their growing family. 

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