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  • Alicia Frosini

Warming Spices to Chase the Chill

How to Roast Spices

Roasting spices enhances the flavor of your dishes and fills your kitchen with enticing aromas.

- You will need: A small heavy skillet, cast iron is best

Mortar and pestle

Spice or Coffee grinder

Full-bodied spices that are good for roasting (such as

cardamom, mustard seed, cumin, coriander, black

seed, sesame and fennel seed. Roast each

individually, even if using blends.

- To begin: Heat the small pan over medium heat until it gets nice and

hot (about 2 or 3 minutes).

- Using a mitt or potholder, grab the handle and shake the spices around while stirring with a wooden spoon so they don't burn.

- The spices will smoke a bit (make sure not to burn) you will start to smell the aroma (they should be a deep brown).

-Cooling and grinding. Once roasted, move spice to a plate to cool.

Once cool you can grind spices.

-Storing: Best flavor is when they are used immediately but they can

be stored in a sealed container and they will last a few


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