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  • Alicia Frosini

Pepper Picks for Autumn!

Pepper Piper nigrum has a distinctive pungent taste and aroma. It is a versatile spice pepping up most any dish and enhancing your pickling blends.

It stimulates the taste buds and is a bonus for those looking to reduce their salt intake. It stands in nicely for salty seasonings and blends well with most herbs and spices. While we have a variety of gourmet pepper corns, one to get acquainted with this month is LONG PEPPER ~ Piper longdum. It is used like our black pepper in India, and increases the bio-availability of

turmeric. It also has many medicinal values. With a slight taste of chocolate it works well with your favorite turmeric drinks.

Stop into the shop for some pepper to add to your next recipe, today!

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