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  • Alicia Frosini

August 2019 Herb of the Month: Matcha

Matcha (camellia siensis) is a tea unlike any other. While still a true camellia sinensis tea, it's grown, processed, brewed and consumed differently than all other teas.

Matcha tea comes from cultivars (cultivated varieties) with specific properties, one of which is that the plant will grow well in the shade. Shade growing is a key aspect of matcha as it results in the teas having more of a certain key components.

It has been shown that drinking and applying green tea to your skin can help fight skin cancer. The vitamins in green tea can help your body maintain collagen, making your skin appear younger.

Matcha is a powder, so it isn't steeped and removed from the cup like whole tea leaves or bags. Instead, the powder is whisked in hot water until frothy. 

Matcha Tea Facial Mask

​(taken from the Herb Quarterly 'Beauty in Bloom')

Useful for all skin types, this mask contains matcha green clay. 

- 1 tsp matcha

- 1 tsp pure water

-1 tsp green clay 

-1 tsp honey 

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