Image by Qurratul Ayin Sadia


This month's featured teas

Cleanse & Refresh

A pleasant, caffeine-free herbal with tulsi (holy basil) and cleansing herbs. A fruity cup with a ginger finish.

Jasmine Green

A floral favorite for springtime (Organic).

White Tea with Osmanthus flowers

A delicate white tea with a fresh aroma mixed with osmanthus petals that add a peachy note (Organic).

Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling

A delightful black tea for breakfast or afternoon. Springtime harvested leaves are noted for their fragrance of muscat grapes.


mindful moringa tea

Who isn't feeling sluggish after a long winter and longer pandemic? Mindful Moringa to the rescue...This is an uplifting and nourishing blend that contains tulsi and lemon balm- the perfect herbs to help us remain calm and focused. Nutrient-dense Moringa supports the immune system and healthy metabolism function. With a twist of lemon peel and ginger, this is a delicious and soothing blend to enjoy any time of day.  


Moringa is a small tree native to India and Arabia that also goes by the names Drumstick Tree, Miracle Tree, and Horseradish Tree. One of the most nutrient dense plants on earth, its leaves are higher in protein than legumes and also high in fiber. Moringa leaves are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is protective to the liver, brain, and cardiovascular system. It also supports the immune system and metabolism. 


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