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The year of the Dragon
The dragon signifies luck, prosperity and blessings for the coming year
This month we recommend these special teas to celebrate our Lunar New Year

Jasmine Dragon Pearls
A delicate, pleasing flavor, with heavenly jasmine character. These are from the Fujian Province (some caffeine).

Ti Kuan Yin

The "Iron Goddess of Mercy", this famous oolong from the Fujian Providence has a delicious flavor with hints of orchid (caffeinated).

Bamboo Temple Yunnan

A brisk Chinese black tea from the Yunnan Providence that is especially high in antioxidants (caffeinated).

Beat the Cold and Flu Blend

An herbal wellness blend that provides relief and immune support during cold and flu season (no caffeine).




-And for your Valentine-

Chocolate Lover's Tea

A black tea with a mouth watering blend of high grown Ceylon tea and rich cocoa beans. White chamomile flowers add a floral lift.


Kyoto Cherry Rose

An organic green tea that is fresh and smooth with excellent depth and body.The cherry flavor and subtle rose give the tea a wildly exotic character.


Rooibos Chai

This organic and caffeine-free rooibos is combined with sweet spices and a touch of rose.

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Wintertime Wreath

by Alicia

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