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Turn a New Leaf!

Springtime Teas

Irish Breakfast Tea - Black Tea

Organic. A stout and robust full bodied 2nd flush assam.  Enjoy all day not just for breakfast.  Contains caffeine


Spring Energy Blend - Green Tea

Organic. An invigorating blend for the spring season with spring grown hysson green tea. Also contains energizing eleuthero, schisandra berries, gingko leaf, gotu kola, licorice and ginger root.


Spring Berry Blend - Fruit Blend

Refreshing, heallthy and exotic herb and fruit blend with the natural sweetness  of strawberries and the tartness of hibiscus.  This blend embodies the freshness of springtime.


Allergy Season Blend - Herbal

Organic.  A refreshing, cool minty flavor with a citrus undertone can assist you with the discomforts associated with allergy season.  (Contains nettles)

Clense and Refresh - Herbal

A pleasant caffeine-free herbal with tulsi and cleansing herbs. A fruity cup, truly refreshing.

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Nettle ~ Antihistamine & Anti-Inflammatory


You can find organic nettles in the shop available by the ounce as well as in a tincture form, which is a liquid extract specific for the symptomatic relief of hay fever and other allergies.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11-5:30

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Nettle: Urtica dioica

Stinging Nettle is a nutritive herb containing more protein than any other plant common in the temperate regions.  When the 1st green shoots of nettle appear along with the sound of peepers that to me sjgnals Springtime.  A delicious potherb steamed like spinach is strenghthening to the entire system (no worries about the sting once cooked or dried).

Nettles are a benefit to those suffering with hayfever and allergies.  Nettles is found in my Allergy Season Blend featured this month, as well as several other herbal remedies.  Tinctures and easy to use Ready for Pollen spray provide traditional support for the respiratory system.  It is best to get started with Nettle before symptoms take hold.  They are safe for children and in fact are recommended for pregnant and lactating women.


      The Goddess Flora (or Spring)


     Is depicted in this Roman fresco.  She is

  surrounded by new flowers symbolizing new




   Spring florals by Alicia

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