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This Month's featured teas

London Afternoon

Organic, flowery & malty black tea with hints of strawberry and lemon. A perfect afternoon tea (contains caffeine).

Spring Energy Blend

Organic, invigorating blend for the Spring season with spring-grown hysson green tea and energizing herbs (low caffeine).

Spring Berry Blend

A refreshing, healthy, exotic blend of herbs and fruit. Strawberries add sweetness while hibiscus adds a little tartness. This blend embodies the freshness of Springtime (no caffeine).

Allergy Blend

An herbal wellness blend with a minty flavor and a citrus undertone that can assist with the discomforts associated with allergy season. This versatile blend is delicious hot or iced, and kids love it too (no caffeine).

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Nettles Urtica dioica

A springtime ally

We use nettles in many of our healing blends. Did you know you can also make your own nettles infusions to assist with seasonal allergies? They contain natural antihistamine properties as well as calcium, magnesium, and iron. 

Simple Nettles Infusion

  • Place 4 heaping TBS of dried nettle leaf in a teapot or glass mason jar

  • Pour 4 Cups of boiled water over the leaves, cover, and steep 10-20 minutes

         (for an extra strong tonic, steep 4 hours or overnight)

  • Strain out the leaves using a fine mesh strainer. Be sure to squeeze out all of the infused liquid.

         (Discarded leaves can be composted)

  • If desired, you can sweeten with spearmint leaves and/or honey while still warm.

  • The strained infusion can be refrigerated and enjoyed up to 3 days. 

Note: While dried nettles do not sting, fresh nettles do (this is caused by formic acid). Please use protection if you choose to forage for nettles in the wild. Once cooked or dried, the leaves lose the stinging quality.

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Spring Florals by Alicia

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"May the leaves keep us healthy & happy"

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