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Springtime: celebrate all things herbal

Boost your immunity with stress relief teas

relaxation blend

Rest and relax with holy basil, passion flower and lavender flowers. A restorative herbal tea for any time of the day or evening.

An organic blend calming to the nervous system. Chamomile, rooibos, lemon balm, lemon verbena, linden flowers, anise, cinnamon, oatstraw, hops, passion flower and orange peel. A perfect cup when looking for a sense of calm. 

sweet dreams blend

A nice blend for insomnia. Can be used for several months with a two week break, as effectiveness of some herbs decrease with prolonged use. 

tranquili- tea

A wellness tea blend of lemon balm, oatstraw, linden, holy basil, and rose.

A delightful blend to lift the spirits. 

In celebration of springtime enjoy a free flower burst Artisan tea. Fresh green tea with peach notes of osmanthus, jasmine, and lily. Free with each $20 or more purchase. 

Covid 19 update

We are working diligently to keep things in stock. In light of the current health crisis more folks are turning to the plants, which is a good thing but is adding to the shortage of important medicine for these times.  Ship times may be longer and expect that some items may be out of stock.

I am continually asked about what to have on hand in light of the corona-virus. I cant emphasize enough how important it is to keep your own immune system in order.

An interesting article on elderberry and immunity by Donnie Yance: 

Immune support

Tinctures for immune support:

Andrographis ~ Black Elderberry ~ Daily Immune Builder ~Immune Season Spray ~ Rapid Immune Boost ~ Virattack

Teas for immune support:

Immunity Boost~ Roman Provence~ Winter Lift~ Organic Berry Blend Black~ Organic Blueberry Black

stress support

Just as important is to keep a healthy diet, exercise, and manage stress.

Tinctures for stress support:

Stress Manager~ Daily Stress Balance~ Anxiety Soother~ Anxious Moment Spray~ Nervous System Tonic

Teas for stress support:

Sereni-tea~ Tranquili-tea~ Sweet Dreams~ Relaxation Blend