Love is Brewing


February Teas 

Warm the heart and soothe the soul.


The perfect blends to cozy up with family and friends. 

Receive a free flowering heart tea with each $20 or more purchase.

Chocolate lovers black tea

A mouth watering blend of high grown Ceylon tea, rich cocoa beans and white chamomile flowers for a floral lift.

Fresh and smooth with excellent depth and body. The cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints give the tea a wildly exotic character. 

Heart song black tea

An intriguing black tea blend that brings romance to the cup. Notes of pomegranate and vanilla combined with saffron and calendula petals. Tiny heart shaped candy adds the finishing touch. (contains soy) 

Strawberry oolong

Select Ti Kuan Yin oolong with sweet notes of strawberry. A tantalizing blend with aphrodisiacal qualities.

Winter Time Favorites

Cacao beans 

Theobroma Cacao

The highest plant based source of iron and magnesium. 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries and more calcium than cow's milk. A natural antidepressant.


How to get all of these benefits in a cup of tea- Chocolate Lovers Black tea this Valentines Day! 



Rose Petals can enhance ones mood and calm anxiety. They are antibacterial, antiviral, as well as an anti inflammatory. The aphrodisiacal and aromatic qualities find their way in many of our teas and herbal blends. Rose combines well with green, black, white, and red tea. 

Look for it in Kyoto Cherry Rose Green as well as in our Tranquili- Tea herbal blend, and Roman Provence Rooibos. These blends are all organic.