Immerse in the herbal delights of Summertime

Refresh with cooling Herbs and Ice Tea Blends

Berry Berry Blend - organic 

A refreshing and healthy fruit blend with the natural sweetness of currant, the richness of elderberry, and the tartness of hibiscus. Garnish with a sprig of mint and fresh fruit.

A smooth and refreshing CO2 decaffeinated green tea with natural mango flavor.

Coconut Colada

A delicious hot or cold tea. Think Pina Colada! Apple,  rosehip, coconut, pineapple, hibiscus flower, and natural flavor. Refreshing!

Texas Ice Tea Blend - organic 

An exceptional full-bodied refreshing ice tea. Flowery orange pekoe.

We have all these teas (and more!) available in our online store as well as in our shop in convenient gallon size tea bags. Some other favorite ice tea blends available online and in the shop include: Raspberry green, Turmeric Chai, Peach Apricot Black, and many more herbals and fruit blends.



And don't forget your summertime spice blends! We have garden blend, grilling spice, and smoked salts all in stock.

Covid 19 update

Our in-person shop is open, though we ask that you wear a mask and limit the number of people in the store at one time.


Vitamin C powder and Immune Support are back in stock.

We also have allergy support: Pollen defense tincture and Ready for Pollen convenient spray and our own Allergy support tea.


The in-person shop also offers gardening essentials: lotions for gardeners' hands and excessive hand washing, poison ivy relief, bug sprays, and more...

sT. Johns wort -

An herb to lift your spirits

Hypericum perforatum

St. John's Wort is found to be useful when a little light and joy is needed in one’s life. In the summer, bright yellow flowers appear and it is a tradition to gather them at the height of summer (it is said that its greatest healing powers are on the eve of St. Johns Day on June 23rd). Soaking the flowers in oil is very useful when used topically on sore muscles, nerve pain, bruises, and burns. The oil can also be turned into a salve using beeswax.

Check with your doctor before taking St. John's wort as it can interact with medicines or supplements you may be taking and may have side effects.

Joy Tea

  • 1 oz. dried  St. Johns wort

  • 1 oz.  oatstraw

  • 2 oz. lemon balm

  • 2 oz. Hawthorne leaf and flower and berry

Infuse 30 minutes, strain, and sweeten with honey or stevia.


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