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Embrace the new

 New teas new beginnings...

Think Tuscany summer in a cup. A stunning blend of pointed herbs, including blue pea flower, and the sweet floral notes of jasmine embue this cup. The color is reminiscent of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. 

A pleasant caffeine free herbal with tulsi, cleansing herbs and compliant natural flavors. A fruity cup with a ginger finish- truly refreshing!

A luxury organic oolong with floral-like orchid notes and a smooth haunting finish. Named for the Goddess of Mercy.

A delicious organic chai blend with all the benefits of turmeric. The addition of ginger and black pepper increases its bio-availability.


Delicate with a light peach-like note. Just the right amount of these little flowers gives a springtime lift to the cup.

We have all these teas (and more!) available in our online store as well as in our shop.





And dont forget for added warmth this winter Spice it up!  We have chili powder blend, smoked paprika, dried green jalapenos and red anaheim chilis. 

Covid-19 update

Our in-person shop is open, though we ask that you wear a mask and limit the number of people in the store at one time.


Vitamin C powder and Immune Support are available.

We have D.I.Y. Elderberry kits for immune support. Local honey is available as well as limited quantities of Alicia's herbal infused honeys.


The in-person shop also offers dried arrangements, spice blends, natural skincare products, and lots of other great gift ideas.

Please call the shop (845.469.6460) or email (sugarloafmtnherbs@gmail.com) to make a reservation.

Local honey $12 for a 1 lb. jar

Elderberries to make your own syrup

$7 for 4 oz. | $14 for 8oz.

blue pea flower-

create calm

clitoria ternatea

The color itself is calming but its analgesic and anti inflammatory properties help to reduce fatigue and promote a sense of calm.


Native to South East Asia, Blue Pea Flower also has anti aging properties. It is a caffeine free beverage and can be brewed by using 4-5 flowers to 8 oz. of boiled water. (Not too hot) Steep for 3-4 minutes. Do not over steep, or it may taste burned. 

The flower is also known as pigeon wings, blends well with lemongrass and can be used to color alchohlic beverages. 

We have blue pea flower available bulk as well as in our butterfly blue tea blend. 

Makes a nice iced tea. 


Shop at 67 White Oak Drive open Fridays and Saturdays 11a-5:30p

Phone: 845.469.6460

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