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  • Alicia Frosini

Fire Up the Flavor with Spice Pairings!

Transform your grilled food all summer long with these spice enhancement tips:


allspice, paprika, parsley, sage

- Rub seasoning blend into poultry and refrigerate at least one hour before grilling

- Boneless/skinless breasts need 8-12 min. of cooking time for every 6 ounces of meat

- Poultry with bones will take 30-40 min. to cook 


coriander, cumin, garlic, mustard

- Rub seasoning blend into pork and refrigerate at least one hour before grilling

- Try making kebabs out of chops, tenderloin, or a loin roast

- Soak wooden skewers beforehand to prevent burning

- One inch thick pork chops will take 10-15 min. to cook


cloves, cumin, curry, garlic

- Rub seasoning blend into beef and refrigerate at least one hour before grilling

- Allow beef to come to room temperature before grilling

- One inch thick steaks will take 10-12 min. to cook

- Allow grilled beef to rest for five minutes before cutting


cilantro, thyme, dill, ginger

- Refrigerate fish like grouper, haddock, tilapia and haddock until you're ready to grill

- Try grilling fish in a foil packet, adding butter, water or wine before sealing

- Be careful not to overcook - it takes only a few minutes per side to cook fillets


cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom

- Soak fruit for 30 minutes in cold water prior to grilling; add spices directly to soaking liquid

- After soaking, pat dry and brush lightly with a neutral oil or butter to prevent sticking

- Grilling brings out natural sugars in the fruit

- Any fruit can be grilled, but harder fruits like apples, pears and pineapples are easier to work with

- Grill whole, halved or in chunks 

- Keep a close eye on soft fruits like peaches and mangoes so they don't get overcooked or mushy

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